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  1. Mom had 2 sons and a daughter with her husband, Charles. Will was the second son and I want to say something about this fine man. By doing so, I think you’ll see a perfectly clear image of the kind of mother she was. Will was encouraged to reach out and a major achievement he reached as a teen was to become an Eagle Scout. This is important, I think because of the ideals it planted in a young mind…the second word of the scout pledge… loyal. It no doubt served him well because he had a career as one of a few good men, a U.S. Marine. No doubt the Marine motto Semper Fidelis meant much to him…Always Faithful. Are you connecting these things? Loyalty, Faithfulness? Qualities we don’t often see these days. Not content to serve his neighbors or his country, he then moved on to a career with FEMA. And how many lives have been touched by this selfless pursuit to serve others? That’s where Lucile came in. She was no doubt proud of her son for his selflessness and was even the recipient of his care the entire time she was in assisted living. Will continued his service to her right up till now… and to summarize this, if you ever meet this man, this son of Lucile, you’ll know her best by how Will gives his best.

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