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“Thank you all for how caring you all have been and for helping us through such a difficult time.  It helps to know Maria was in good care the whole time.”
Ralph, Coby, Randy Katyler

Dear Weddle Funeral
As I beleive you already know, for several years I have had the privilege of serving the Funeral Chapels in Marion County as a Funeral Minister for
families who don’t have a Pastor.  During these years I have had the opportunity to observe and experience the quality of work that many individuals bring to their
positions as Funeral Directors.  It has been my observation that the superior quality of the service of the team at Weddle rises significantly above the norm.
In my opinion, the work of Terrie, Caitlin, Tiffany, and Michelle is absolutely the very best. The thoroughness and effectiveness of their work is much appreciated, not only by me, but by the families that they serve.

It has been said…

   “Some people come into our lives and quickly go, and then some leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.”

Such has been the case of the loving influence of the staff of Weddle Funeral Service on the lives of the families they serve. I have had the responsibility of serving as Minister for many Funerals for which the staff at Weddle has had oversight. In every one of those instances the staff has displayed a very superior level of professional efficiency and genuine loving care. The families with which I have worked have expressed deep appreciation for their very caring leadership and sensitive people skills.

Following the recent death of my own son, the staff at Weddle lovingly walked me through the difficult days of caring for him.

I believe that Weddle Funeral Chapel is one of the premier Funeral Services in Marion County.

I recently read a quote from the writings of Brian Tracy regarding leadership:

  “Only undertake what you can do in an excellent fashion. There are no prizes for average performance.”

The staff of Weddle Funeral Services lives out the truth of that statement. All that they do is done with excellence.

Weddle , I am not writing because I think you need my evaluation of your

staff. Rather, I am writing to say…Thank You. Thank you for all that

you have done in providing the Willamette Valley with an excellent funeral service.

Again…Terri, Tiffany, Caitlin, and Michelle are the very best, How fortunate you are to have them at Weddle.


David Leavenworth

Randy –
Thank you so much from the family of Juanita Sloan –
You came to pick up mom’s remains at Lancaster Village, I’m the daughter that lives in Salem and was on vacation in Colorado.
My oldest sister Carol was there and our daughter and a cousin.  The wonderful patient care you took of mom was wonderful. Our daughter sent a little video. It was so nice my cousin could help also with the covering of mom – tender loving care –  Also the quiet manner of it all –  Thanks so much and also the hug – You are a very caring person-
Thanks Shirley – Carol – Bonnie & Ed.
Terrie & Staff
 To thank you for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated.  Thank you for taking such care with the arrangements.
The Sarah Lombert Family 
To all the amazing staff at Weddle Funeral Home
Thank you all for all that you did for my family.
From the moment you picked my mother up her remains, you were all kind, compassionate & respectful.
We couldn’t have asked for more, and we can’t thank you enough. Truly!
Thanks again & God Bless

Weddle Funeral Service

“Your Services were Outstanding -From initial contact thru Entire Service.

It was Handled so comforting and professionally. The DVD of Family Pictures was Exceptionally Beautiful.

Many Thanks, The Friesen Family


Weddle Funeral Service

“My husband passed away this last summer and Weddle’s took care of his arrangements, and today I was at a service that Weddle’s was also handling.  I just wanted you to know that I think you do a wonderful job and the service today was beautiful.  Weddle’s took such good care of me during the difficult process of losing my husband and I just wanted to say thank for all that you do to take care of the families you serve.  It is obvious that the staff at Weddle’s truly cares for people.”

The Hansen Family

 We want to thank the staff of Weddles.

Thank you for remembering our beloved mother Mary Ann Williams.

Your card means a lot to us. We appreciate you for remembering the anniversary of here passing.

We miss her so much, we think about her every  day.

Thank you again to a wonderful and extremely professional staff.”



From the Family of Ann Williams



“I wanted to thank you and the others for the  great care and service you provided for my mother Beverly Alderman. I apologize I do not know the young ladies name who served cool refreshments at my mother burial site, it was very appreciated.  Please accept and share this small token of my appreciation with the others.  Janie and the folks that come to pick up my mother were all fantastic.”

Best Regard

Tim Alderman

Thank You:

“We are sorry about taking so long to get this thank you message to you.  Thing are finally starting to  settle down around here.

We want to thank you both for the tremendous assistance and support that you provided to us and the Williams Family.  You re truly caring professionals who know how to take care of families during the most difficult times. You made us fell conformable and confidant from the beginning…something that could be difficult giving most of the family were traveling from Arizona to Alaska.  You knew exactly what to do and how to advise us from the coordination with Fr. Paul at St . Boniface to arranging for the Navy ceremonial unit …and everything  in between.  You helped us with everything we asked for.

Everything went flawlessly. You two are truly some of the best pros in the business. We will recommend Weddle to all our friends around the Stayton/Sublimity/Aumsville/Salem area.  Thank you for everything you did and going the extra mile to make this difficult time an extremely positive experience.  God bless you and keep you doing the challenging and rewarding work…you do provide exceptional service !”

Take Care

Maggie and Tom O’Brien

Dear Terrie:

“Thank you so much for all the assistance you gave our family, the funeral for Dad was just beautiful.  Several people mentioned they
have not ever been to a service  so Amazing.  The Patriot riders and honor guard were equally moving !”

Our thanks to you.

Pat & Carolyn


Dear Friends:

 “Your kindness and support shown toward us is much appreciated… It helped soften our sorrow.”

Loretta & Ralph Strohmeyer & Statey Families

RE:  Frances Bakke

Hi Janie.

“It was so great to meet you in person. You were Amazing in turning the loss of our mother into a wonderful experience.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving ways you guided us though this difficult time and brought “unism”  in our family !

You are a Gem!”

Medalyn Bakke


“I am a nurse in the family health center at Silverton Hospital.  This week, I was involved in a caring for a young woman whose infant died.  What a gift you have given her – provided free of charge  a resting place of here little angels Renianse with love & care.  In our world of much uncertainty & chaos for many people, it is great to see others like you out there still trying to make things as pleasant as possible & provide comfort to these who are hurting and facing much adversity.

Thank you for providing this service.”


“We wanted to express our gratitude to all of the staff from the funeral home for providing wonderful services and kindness to us at our son (Tyler’s) funeral.

We appreciate the extra steps you took to help us.  We’ve never been through anything like this  before, so it was all very new and foreign to us.

We have peace and are happy for our son – Tyler – who is now in a wonderful place.”


Tony & Edna Graham & Family

Thank You

” You were so Wonderful and Helpful and Respectful. The time and care you gave our family.”

Richard Cook & All the Cook Family and Friends


Dear Staff of Weddle Funeral Home

“On behalf of Joy Hall and the family. I would like to tkae the time to properly thank you for the services you provided for my father, John Hall. Your staff was very kind and helped us through the arrangements we needed to make.  You treated us with respect and took the time for our special requests and some last minute changes.”

Sincerely, Wendy Umsted and Family


To the Staff of Weddle Funeral Home.

 “Thank you all for your patience & help during this very difficult time. A special thanks to Terrie & Janie for the kindness & support throughout this process. Words cannot express the appreciation we fell for all you do. ”

The Henderson Family

Service with compassion, empathy and support


“I am responded two years after the death of my husband, as I wanted to share just how the staff assisted in my family being enabled to go on with life, beginning in the preparation of both a military and police full honors service of my husbands funeral. Those formal services are complicated, yet, the knowledge and experience of the staff at Weddle made that a positive experience. They assisted in the communications with the military cemetery in regard of our family needs, and the allowing us to also be present during the internment, bringing us complete closure as our beloved Marine ‘Deployed to Heaven’.

The staff remained available to us for several months after in support, and in referral to resources and grief/loss counseling. We highly recommend asking the staff for their expertise, as we found this to be most helpful. The impact of loss/grief in my husband’s death and our children’s loss of their father, was lessened by the sincere compassion and empathy afforded to us as a family from our very first contact with Weddle Funeral Services of Stayton, Oregon. Their chaplains were wonderful in their understanding and encouragement.

As a chaplain myself, I continue to refer families in need of professional services provided by Weddle for their family concerns in regard to their loss of a loved one. Also to those who wish to plan for their own services for the future, I recommend the counsel of the Weddle Funeral Services staff.

As to the staff of Weddle, God bless all of you and thank you so much for all you do for our community.”

Chaplain L.J. Tucker


Very Impressed

“Thank you Weddle staff for handling a friend’s loss with such sensitivity and professionalism. I would highly recommend your services after watching the way you helped this family.”

Heartfelt Gratitude

“I would just like to say thank you for your work with the family and for putting together a breathtaking video for our mother in memory of her life. It was beautiful and much appreciated.”

Special Thank You To Janie Woodward

“I would like to let Janie know how much we have appreciated her help throughout this tough time. She definitely put my Grandma and the whole family at ease. Papa would be very happy that we have someone like her to work with. Thank you again, Janie, for helping us out. It means more to us then you will ever know.”

Thoughtful Details

“We just want you to know how much we appreciated the organization and efficiency of those who managed her service. There were many thoughtful details, like Kleenex, stuffed animals, and children’s books. It is nice to know a business like yours is not just a business, but a caring part of the community. Thank you.”

Helpful And Respectful

“On behalf of our family, thank you for the services you provided for my Father. Your staff was very kind and helped us through the arrangements we needed to make. You treated us with the utmost respect and took the time for special requests and some last minute changes.”

Thank You For Your Kindness

“Thank you for being there for me while I watched the DVD. It meant a lot to me since I was by myself that day.”


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