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Cremation / Crematory /Crematorium process

Cremation / Crematory / Crematorium process:  Salem’s Best 

Weddle Funeral and Cremation is proud to receive the Gold Medal Award for
Best Funeral Home for both 2014 & 2015 from Salem’s Statesman Journal.

Weddle Funeral and Cremation will pick up your loved one from Salem to Scio and much more we have a cremation team of professional that works only for us. Then we proceed to move your loved one to our headquarters. Many of our cremation competitors hired outside third parties, but because these people many enter your private home, we have taken the policy of only using inhouse cremation crews that we know and trust


We are one of the few cremation firms that own their own  crematory, also know as a crematorium.  We found that with the large investment we could keep our cremation process very affordable at a higher quality, than hiring out to the lowest bidder. We place the body in our in houses crematorium where the remains are brought to a temperature ranging between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.  This very intense heat helps reduce the body to its basic elements and such as bone fragments.

The process takes place in a crematorium chamber, also known as a retort, of a crematory. The chamber is preheated at a set point and then body is placed is quickly transferred there through a mechanized door to avoid heat loss.

During incineration, the body is exposed to a column of flames produced by a furnace fueled by natural gas, we do this is in Stayton Oregon.

As the remains is placed in a cardboard container the container burns down. The gases released during the process are discharged through an exhaust system.

The bodies are burned one at a time. There is usually no smell because the emissions are processed to destroy the smoke and vaporize the gases that would smell.

Our crematories have a secondary afterburner to help burn the body completely. Without other firm the cremation technician may have to crush the partially cremated remains with the help of a long hoe-like rod.

As a result, the remains are reduced to skeletal remains and bone fragments. It is then collected in a tray or pan (tiny residue may still remain in the chamber and mix with the particles from subsequent cremations) and allowed to cool for sometime.

These remains, however, also contain non-consumed metal objects such as screws, nails, hinges, and other parts of the casket or container. In addition, the mixture may contain dental work, dental gold, surgical screws, prosthesis, implants, etc. These objects are removed with the help of strong magnets and/or forceps after manual inspection. All these metals are later disposed of as per the local laws.

Mechanical devices, pacemakers, in particular, are removed beforehand because they may explode due to the intense heat and damage the cremation equipment and staff.

It is suggested to remove jewelry items like rings, wrist washes, and other similar objects, too, as they are likely to break down during the process.

Moreover, the metal pieces are removed before the next process because they may damage the equipment used for pulverization.

Finally, the bone fragments are further reduced a finer sand-like consistency. The machine used for this is called a cremulator.

On an average, it takes about one to three hours to cremate a human body, thereby reducing it to 3-7 pounds of cremains. The cremation remains are usually white in color. A sign of a quality cremation process.

These remains are transferred in a cremation urn and given to the relative or representative of the deceased. If you do not have an urn, the crematorium may return the ashes in a plastic box or default container.
We also on of the few firms that allow viewing of the Cremation, Crematory Crematorium process.



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Weddle Funeral believes we achieve "Best" Funeral Home awards 4 years in a row for Salem (OR.) by providing outstanding Burial Services along with Cremation, Cremation and Funeral Planning and of course the Funeral Services.
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