Laura F. Butts

Name: Laura F. Butts

City of Residence: Sublimity, OR

Date of Birth and Place: May 28, 1915 in Medford, Oregon

Date of Death and Place: August 30, 2008 in Sublimity, OR

Biographical Information:

Laura was born in Medford to Roy and Maude Lofland. She grew up on the family farm near Medford. She married Maurice Butts in 1933. They raised three children. She and her husband bought and operated Maury

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  1. My grandmother is dearly missed by me and her family. Laura Butts was an amazing woman that cared for her family, worked outside the home, and was the matriarc of the family. One special memory is her massive vegetable and flower gardens and the Arabian horse I learned to ride on named “Streaker”. As a senior she still jumped in the Applegate River with us grandkids and took us on numerous hikes in the surrounding mountainous areas of southern Oregon. She was an amazing beautiful lady and was loved and appreciated by our family. Sincerely, Mindy

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