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Low Price Cremation Matching Policy

At Weddle Funeral Services we want to insure that we are able to provide high quality care while providing our clients with the most affordable low price options in our region.  For that reason we will match any low cost prices that are providing similar funeral or cremations services, please read the policy below for details.  We don’t want prices to be the reason your not receiving the higher level of Weddle service..





We will only recognized requests from clients and their families, we will not honor and no longer  even accept requests from our direct competitors.  If the case is coming from a funeral home we will only match for the funeral home it’ coming from and not a request of a third party. We will match all low cost cremation prices within a 10 mile radius of  Weddles Funeral Service.  This is a funeral and cremation only policy and on occasions we can and will make exceptions as we ask you to please talk with our staff if you have any questions.


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Weddle Funeral believes we achieve "Best" Funeral Home awards 4 years in a row for Salem (OR.) by providing outstanding Burial Services along with Cremation, Cremation and Funeral Planning and of course the Funeral Services.
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