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Our high quality affordable Cremation
Service is one of the many reasons why:


Weddle Funeral & Cremation

  Was Voted:  Salem’s Best Funeral Home


Weddle Funeral and Cremation and it’s complete in house cremation
service is proud to receive the Mid -Valley Award for:
Best Funeral Home 4 Yeas in a Row from Salem’s Statesman Journal.

 See:  Salem’s Oregon lowest cost Cremation Price starting at $ 575

The readers of the largest Salem daily newspaper located in Salem Oregon voted Weddle Funeral and Cremation Best Funeral Home in the Salem Oregon / Mid-Valley region and for 4 years running.

We believe, to win the medals for an Salem Oregon Funeral Home today you must provide and outstanding Cremation service, along with Cremation and Funeral Planning, Burial, and of course outstanding  Funeral Services.

 See:  Our Free Salem’s Oregon Cremation Notice and Obituary


Weddle outstaying low cost Cremation Services is a key reason won the gold medal being voted : Salem’s Best 2017

Weddle outstaying low cost Cremation Services is a key reason won the gold medal being voted : Salem’s Best 2014

Today more Salem Oregon families are reviewing cremation options. At Weddle Funeral and Cremation we’re proud to provide one of the the finest, complete and  affordable in-house facilities in the Salem Oregon region.  We believe to achieve the highest quality control, we needed to make the very large investment, instead of shipping very large distance and or worse having a low cost third party in another city provide this service only to be pick-up latter. We beleive we are the only Salem Oregon  cremation services that welcomes the families (if the choose to) view the cremation process of their loved ones. Weddle Funeral and Cremation can help you no
matter what type of cremation service you desire.

Salem Oregon Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation

A Funeral Service at Weddle Funeral and Cremation Chapel or at Hubbard Chapel followed by cremation will be like a traditional funeral service except cremation will follow instead of burial in a casket. With a traditional funeral, there is usually a visitation for public viewing and a funeral service typically within two to three days of the death.

A cremation casket (is a rental casket). The service can be held at a church or either of our at our lovely funeral home and chapels, and the casket can be opened or closed during visitation. The actual cremation would be performed after the funeral and the cremated remains returned to the family.

The funeral service is usually led by a member of the clergy or a funeral celebrant, and typically takes place in a church or funeral home chapel.  A typical service might include scripture readings, prayers, or sermon if the deceased was religious, or elements that are not religious in nature such as a eulogy, music and the sharing of stories.

Following the viewing, service or ceremony, and eventual cremation, the cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or returned to the family for safekeeping.

Our Super Low Cost: Full Service
Full Funeral Service with Cremation
Special value plan starts at $ 2,500  
Lowest cost in Salem.

Salem Oregon Memorial Service and Cremation

A memorial service can be described as a funeral service without the body present. The cremation usually takes place within a day or two following the death, and then the memorial service takes place sometime after, which in some cases may be weeks or months after the death.

Typically, an urn would be present at a Memorial Service, which may or may not be religious and both Weddle Funeral and Cremation or Funeral and Cremation Hubbard Chapel have outstanding memorial services.

weddle silver

Weddle outstaying low cost Cremation Services is a key reason won the silver medal being voted : Salem’s Best 2016

The final disposition of the remains would typically take place after the service, which might include taking the urn home, burying the urn at a cemetery, placing the urn in a cremation niche or scattering the ashes somewhere meaningful.

Salem Oregon Direct Cremation

This is the most basic type of service and is sometimes called “Immediate Cremation” or even “Simple Cremation”.  The body is cremated and the cremated remains are returned to the family without a funeral, graveside service or a memorial. This is our most affordable cremation option.

Our Salem Oregon Cremation Services provide:


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Friendly, Professional Staff
  • Quick Skillful Responses
  • Attention To Detail
  • Highly Experienced
  • Family Owned
  • Available by Phone 24/7


We offer three Cremation possibilities for Salem Oregon community.

For East Salem Oregon we have Weddle Funeral and Cremation

Best of Class Salem Oregon Cremation Facilities.

We offer to Salem Oregon our very attractive Frank Lloyd Wright inspired mid-century designed Funeral Home and Cremation including a large chapel,  private family viewing rooms and large family gathering area.  We have easy to access location with unlimited free parking. With Weddle’s beautiful building and best of class cremation services you can be proud to share our chapel and personal viewings with your close family and friends.

Weddle outstaying low cost Cremation Services is a key reason won the gold medal being voted : Salem’s Best 2015

We offer complete video tributes and viewing of our onsite cremations (if desired). Weddle Funeral Services also raised an large outdoor American Flag to better honor and serve our Veterans.

Very Low Cost Salem Oregon Cremation Solutions.

We offers affordable products and solutions including very low cost cremations. To  better
insure that you can attain affordable low cost local prices we have a low cost matching policy.

Over 100 Years of Local Support for Salem Oregon

This allows your family to keep your entire records all at one long term location makes  far better for Funeral and Cremation planning. Weddle Funeral and Cremation also provides free complete in-house obituaries in an effort of providing a higher level of service, knowing these record and obituaries are well cared for often becomes important to families.

The Best Often Cost Less.

Weddle Funeral and Cremation has been recognized and awarded for it’s exemplary level of funeral services, we also have best in class architecturally designed funeral facilities, over a century of local Salem Oregon community support including family records, all of the local cemetery locations with ongoing working relationships with all burial caretakers and cemetery rules.  All of this at often at much lower prices, so if you have any funeral, cremation and planning questions. Just ask us at Weddle Funeral and Cremation.

For cremations around North Salem and Keizer Oregon we have Affordable Funeral and Cremations at Hubbard Chapel

Affordable, Caring Funeral & Cremation @ Hubbard Chapel is a historic and carefully restored 120 year old church and funeral chapel with an outdoor courtyard with fountain, reception hall with kitchen, and even an mobile bar, so shortly after the ceremony while your family and friends are still together, you could simply walk across the hall or step outdoors and enjoy your time, stories and memories while still being together.     We have a craftsman built chapel that everyone loves to see and walk around, we could even provide your funeral service inside or outside or a combination of both, with a celebration of life immediately following the funeral or cremation service.

See Funeral Oregon Inclusive Salem (OR.) cremation list of the many families we had the privilege to serve. 

Funeral Oregon Cremation and Funeral for Salem Oregon

Funeral Oregon Cremation and Funeral for West Salem Oregon

Local Salem (OR.) Cremation Notice from Funeral and Cremation at Hubbard Chapel

Salem, Oregon cremation announcements

We consider it an honor and a privilege to help the citizens of  Salem Oregon  and if we could be of future assistants  please let us know.

We also enclosed the  town of:

Keizer, Oregon area cremation announcements

For Online Services anywhere in Salem and the sounding Communities we have Cremation Online and Natural Burial


Weddle Cremations have been Providing Outstanding Service and Value for Salem families for over 100 years

Weddle Funeral and Cremation Voted : Salem Oregon Best

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Weddle Funeral believes we achieve "Best" Funeral Home awards 4 years in a row for Salem (OR.) by providing outstanding Burial Services along with Cremation, Cremation and Funeral Planning and of course the Funeral Services.
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