Voted: Salem Or. Best 4 Years in a Row Funeral Home




Our high dedication and award winning
burial staff is one of the many reasons why:


Weddle Funeral Service

  Was Voted:  Salem’s Best Funeral Home


Weddle Funeral Service and their outstanding burial service and burial planning is proud to receive the Mid-Valley Awards for
Best Funeral Home in 4 Years in a Row from Salem’s Statesman Journal.


Salem area readers voted for Best Funeral Home in Salem, Mid-Valley part of Oregon and Weddle Funeral won honors in 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Weddle Funeral Service proudly serves the entire Valley and Santiam Canyon, however we are not limited on where we travel to serve a family in need.

Weddle outstanding Burial service is a key reason why we one gold in 2017 for Salem Best

Burial Options

There are two types of burial: ground burial and mausoleum or crypt entombment. For a ground burial, the body is laid in a casket or wrapped in a shroud, placed in a pre ordained plot in the ground, and then covered with earth. When a body is entombed in a mausoleum or crypt, it is laid in a casket, placed in a large niche in the wall, and sealed shut.  Many cemeteries can accommodate either ground burial or entombment.

Burial Services

A burial may take place after a traditional funeral service at a funeral home or religious place of worship, we offer both a Frank Loyd write inspired Chapel and a 120 year old historic chapel.  We have graveside service at both location, and after death we can offer a full memorial service held at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where would you like to be buried? Ground burial traditionally in Salem Oregon take place in a cemetery. There are also “green” and natural burial grounds located across the country for eco-friendly burial.

  • Does the cemetery need to meet specific requirements (religious cemetery, veterans’ cemetery, green cemetery, etc.)?
  • If you’d like to be buried in the ground, do you need to purchase a plot?
  • If you’d like to be entombed in a mausoleum, do you need to purchase a crypt?

    weddle silver
    Weddle outstanding Burial service is a key reason why we one silver in 2016 for Salem Best

 Burial Products

The products you will need to purchase depend on both your preferences and where you want to be buried. As different funeral and cemeteries have different requirements, the type of outer burial container (burial vault or grave liner) or the type of headstone or grave marker you’ll need will depend on the burial location.

  • If you’re planning on purchasing a casket, do you have any personal or religious requirements for the casket style?
  • If you’d like to be buried in a cemetery, what are the cemetery’s requirements regarding outer burial containers? Does the funeral home you’re working with offer burial vaults or grave liners that meet both the cemetery’s requirements as well as your own preferences, including affordable pricing?
  • If you’d like to be buried in a cemetery, what are the cemetery’s requirements regarding headstones and grave markers? Does the cemetery only work with specific vendors, or can you purchase a headstone or grave marker from a vendor of your choosing?

Burial Product Costs

One of the benefits of pre-planning the burial is that you have the opportunity to find the exact products and services you’d like. When all costs are taken into consideration, burial can be more expensive. If cost is a concern, you can use this time to make plans that meet your financial needs. It can be helpful to figure out how much you’d like to spend on the burial and funeral before you make any purchases or sign any contracts.

The cost of burial generally includes:

  • Any products you’ll be purchasing, including a casket, a burial vault or grave liner, and a headstone or grave marker
  • Any services from the funeral home you’ll be purchasing, such as transportation of the body, embalming or other preparations of the body, and the use of funeral home staff and equipment for the service, among other services
  • Cemetery costs, including a plot or a space in a mausoleum, fees for opening and closing the grave, “endowment care” fees, and headstone installation fees, among others.

    Weddle outstanding Burial service is a key reason why we one gold in 2014 for Salem Best

Pre-planning your service is important

Whether you make firm burial arrangements (such as purchasing products or a plot) or simply think about what you’d like, it’s a good idea to talk to us at Weddle Funeral Service and to your family about what you’ve decided. By sharing your thoughts and decisions with your family, you can relieve some of the stress when the time comes, as they’ll know what kinds of plans you’ve made or what you would have wanted.


Weddle Funeral Service:  Our Burial Planning Provides
Weddle outstanding Burial service is a key reason why we one gold in 2015 for Salem Best
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Friendly, Professional Staff
  • Quick Skillful Responses
  • Attention To Detail
  • Highly Experienced
  • Family Owned
  • Available by Phone 24/7

Best of Class Funeral Facilities for Burial Services.

We offer to Salem our very attractive Frank Lloyd Wright inspired mid-century designed
Funeral and Burial
including a large chapel,  private family viewing rooms and large family
gathering area.  We have easy to access location with unlimited free parking.  With Weddle’s
beautiful building and best of class services you can be proud to share our chapel and
personal viewings with your close family and friends.

We offer complete video tributes and viewing of our onsite cremations (if desired). Weddle Funeral Services also raised an large outdoor American Flag to better
honor and serve our Veterans.

Very Low Cost Solutions.

We offers affordable products and solutions including very low cost cremations. To  better insure that you can attain affordable low cost local prices we have a low cost matching price policy.

Over 100 Years of Local Support.

Weddle Funeral also provides free online obituaries in an effort of providing a higher level of service, knowing these record and obituaries are well cared for often becomes important to families.

The Best Often Cost Less.

Weddle has been recognized and awarded for it’s exemplary level of funeral and burial services, we also have best in class architecturally designed funeral  facilities, over a century of local Salem (Or) . community support including family records, all of the local cemetery locations with ongoing working relationships with all burial caretakers and cemetery rules.  All of this at often at much lower prices, so if you have any funeral, cremation and planning questions. Just ask us at Weddle Funeral Service.

See Funeral Oregon Inclusive Salem (OR.) Burial and Cremation list of the many families we had the privilege to serve. 



Weddle Funeral Service

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Weddle Funeral believes we achieve "Best" Funeral Home awards 4 years in a row for Salem (OR.) by providing outstanding Burial Services along with Cremation, Cremation and Funeral Planning and of course the Funeral Services.

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